What We Believe About Giving.

Our mission is to inspire, inform and impact you so that you can be all God created you to be. Please join our church plan.
We appreciate your generosity and your cooperation in supporting our church to spread its community and service opportunities. There are various means of giving to our church.

Worship Services

During the weekend services (and mid-week services) we have a time of dedicating our tithes and offerings to God in prayer. This is an opportunity to give to God during the service.

Gifts in Kind

If you have real property, assets, or something you want to bequeath as a gift, please contact RCCG Victory House to discuss ahead of time either by e-mail: info@victoryalltheway.org or by phone: +1(312)912-2567.


We can also mail our tithes and offerings. Our offering envelopes are available at the church. The envelopes are pre-addressed with the churches mailing address. Please take time to pray, then simply place your check within the envelope, add a postage stamp and drop in the mailbox


It is now possible and convenient to give online (either one time or automatically) using this website. Once again, consider gathering together as a family to dedicate what you give in prayer, asking God to accomplish spiritual results – especially that many would come to faith in Jesus Christ.

Why Giving?

A Step of Faith

When you participate in giving, you decide in advance to faithfully give. God always blesses that kind of faith!

Simplifying your Life

Online giving is simple, easy, and also reduces post office trips, postage costs and weekly/monthly check-writing chores.

Helping to Serve Others

When you participate in giving, you’re also helping to streamline administrative overhead costs – thus, putting more of your dollars to work in the ministries.



All forms of payment are possible including E-Check